National Motorcycle Conference Background

Dates to be announced for 2018


The National Motorcycle Conference is designed to bring all those who are engaged in making the roads safer for the use by powered two-wheeled riders and also alerting the riders themselves to their vulnerability both in terms of the way they ride and also the manner in which other road users react to their presence.

The Conference seeks to explore initiatives and interventions which are known to cut road casualties amongst the riding population in the hope that they can be replicated across the country.

We seek therefore at the National Road Safety Conference to find answers to such questions as:

  • What improvements can be made to the road network to help riders?
  • How might we make drivers more aware and understand motorcyclists?
  • What is the future for motorcycle Training and Testing?
  • What campaigns and interventions have made an impact?
  • How can we guide riders to do the best for themselves?

The growth in Motorcycling over recent years has regretfully been marked by an increase in deaths and injuries amongst riders and nationally we are concerned about this trend.  Congestion on our network coupled with the rising costs of fuel and motoring in general has brought about an increase in people using powered two wheelers as a means of getting to and from work as well as the increased pleasure derived from being part of a community which is driven by the camaraderie of being a rider.

The event itself makes an important contribution in respect of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is certificated accordingly.

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