Sean Morley was a 20 year old History and Politics undergraduate, about to return for his final year at Aberystwyth University. He was principled and intelligent, with a talent for rugby which saw him play for his university’s first XV, and for Nuneaton RFC. He was described by those who knew him as outstanding, with great wit, natural charm, and an exceptional future ahead of him.

Sean was killed on September 2nd 2012 when he was hit by a car as he made his way home on foot after a night out with friends.

The Sean Morley Memorial Prize is an initiative of the road safety charity AIRSO. It is open to undergraduates of UK universities and rewards exceptional projects and dissertations which have a road safety theme. The Sean Morley Memorial Prize aims to promote research into road safety – and ultimately road safety itself – by attracting talented graduates to the field. In addition, it is hoped that the prize will provide a mechanism through which those just beginning their careers can bring their ideas to the wider road safety community. Most importantly, however, the Sean Morley Memorial Prize celebrates the life of a remarkable young man, whose needless loss reminds us why continued efforts to make our roads safer are so important.

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