• The Association conducts its work in road safety through a dedicated Road Safety Advisory Panel (RSAP) which comprises a number of Portfolio Holders and Specialist Advisors who have expertise and understanding of issues connected with promoting road safety and reducing susan_cooper_2010casualties amongst all road users.
  • The RSAP has the responsibility of determining the response to any consultation document issued by both statutory and non-statutory bodies.  It establishes and maintains the AIRSO stance in respect of road safety policy and practice, investigating the road safety concerns of its members and the wider public.  The RSAP receives nominations for awards recognising contributions to road safety.  These awards are available through the Association for individuals, organisations and businesses.
The Group is responsible for:
  • Considering what AIRSO’s views should be on any given road safety⁄transport safety topic, and recommending the adoption of an “AIRSO Position Statement” for endorsement to the Council of Management.
  • Considering and responding to consultation documents issued by statutory, non-statutory and commercial bodies.
  • Considering, investigating, and determining nominations for the award of an “AIRSO Commendation for Road Safety in Practice”.
  • Reviewing any road safety projects and practices which are brought to their attention by groups or individuals.

Issues facing the Road Safety Advisory Panel

Every year too many people are killed on the roads in Great Britain.  Many of these die as a result of not wearing a seat belt; driving too fast for the conditions or exceeding the posted speed limit; and whilst under the influence of alcohol.  These major factors are a sad reflection on the way in which people live and use the road for in nearly all these cases the outcome is as a result of a road users doing something for which they know to be wrong

Around one third of all those killed are undertaking a work related journey at the time.  Young drivers and the riders of two wheeled vehicles also figure highly in those killed on our roads.

Reducing the likelihood of people dying or being seriously injured in crashes is a key factor in reducing the death toll by educating road users, designing safer vehicles, and building safer roads.

The RSAP Membership Structure

The Road Safety Advisory Panel comprises:
  • The Chairman of the Road Safety Advisory Panel who is appointed from the Council of Management.
  • The Secretary of the Association.
  • Portfolio Holders who are expert in their particular field and carry the Association’s Portfolio in this respect.
  • Specialist Advisors invited for their expertise who may serve on the Group for a limited period.
  • The Chairman of AIRSO (ex officio).

Members of the RSAP

  • Chairman: Susan Cooper, Senior Highways Officer, Lincolnshire County Council
  • Secretary: Sandra Macdonald-Ames, AIRSO Secretary
Portfolio Holders
Specialist Advisors