AIRSO membership is personal to you and wherever you are it travels with you.  It cannot be transferred onto another person.  Once you have been accepted into membership you are entitled to use the letters MAIRSO after your name and on any stationery.

airso_fellowship1_2014The Association also permits the use of its logo by its Members providing prior permission is sought.

After you have been an AIRSO Member for twelve full consecutive years you become eligible to have your membership within the Association enhanced by the Council of Management to that of Fellow (FAIRSO).

AIRSO provides for Members to express their views on road safety issues and gives direct access to experts and policy makers in all areas of road safety.

AIRSO arranges a number of events in a variety of different formats throughout the UK during the course of the year ranging from conference style to the more interactive seminar, workshop and breakfast briefing approaches.

AIRSO arranges seminars with regard to specific consultation documents giving Members an opportunity to understand the complexities of any proposed changes airso_fellowship2_2014and to share in any response which is made.

AIRSO through its range of activities is essential for your Continuing Professional Development and as a means to keep you up to date with new road safety initiatives.

Members are kept up to date via email communication on a regular (approximately weekly) basis.

Members have access to the password protected ‘Members Exclusive Area (MEA)‘ of the Association’s Website where you will find road safety information and the directory of all Members thereby the sources to gain/share information and advice for the further improvement of road user behaviour, attitude and skills.

alan-brown-colin-pettenerMembers are encouraged to become part of the professional business social media site LinkedIn and then sign into the exclusive forum for members of the Association.  The forum provides and ideal opportunity to share quickly information, seek opinion from fellow professionals or be part of any debate which may be topical at the time.

For more information on the benefits of joining AIRSO download this leaflet.

Download and print out an AIRSO application form in PDF format or in Word format complete and return it to the Secretary.