AIRSO was formed in 1965 to provide support for individuals working in the area of road safety; particularly within industry and as a means by which the views among professional colleagues could be exchanged.  Membership of AIRSO has since developed and is open to any person whose work is in any way connected with the promotion of road safety.  As such the breadth of the Membership provides a high level of professionalism and expertise.

AIRSO became a registered charity in 1996 and is an independent Membership organisation working in the interests of road safety, highly respected in the field within the public, private and voluntary sectors.  AIRSO is consulted by statutory and non-statutory organisations on road safety issues.  Members represent a wide cross-section, including commercial transport, fleet management, driver training, independent and local government road safety organisations, the armed services, the emergency services and enforcement agencies.

The Functioning of AIRSO

AIRSO conducts its high profile road safety work via a Road Safety Advisory Panel which comprises a number of Portfolio Holders who have been appointed to head up the work of the Association in the areas of Law, Motorcycling, Education, Training & Publicity, Public Service Vehicles and Training, Large Goods Vehicles and Training, Car and Light Goods Vehicles and Training, Managing Occupational Road Risk, Emergency Services, Safety, Traffic and Highway Engineering, Infrastructure and Sustainable Transport and Vehicle Safety.  The Road Safety Advisory Panel is supported by a number of additional members who are invited for a varying period of time in order to enhance the work of the group both in general terms or for a specific area of work in which it is engaged.

AIRSO has excellent working relationships with the Department for Transport, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Highways Agency who regularly consult the Association on issues of national importance.  It also has strong links with many other Road Safety Organisations such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the Driving Instructors Association, the Motors Schools Association, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the RAC, the AA, the Guild of Experience Motorists, the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association.

AIRSO is a Member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, The National Road Safety Committee, the Occupational Road Risk Alliance and Roadsafe.  In addition it is frequently invited to serve on Working Groups to consider road safety issues which impact both on a national and international basis.

AIRSO is a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter and the UN Decade of Action.

Aims & Objectives

The Strategic Aim of AIRSO is:
  • To advance education and training among all road users in the furtherance of accident prevention and reduction.
Underpinning this strategy are a series of tactical objectives:
  • To provide a professional Association for those individuals involved in work and promotion of Road Safety within commerce, industry, public service and other associated organisations.
  • To develop and maintain amongst its membership a high performance in the promotion of work connected with the reduction of road accidents and casualties.
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of information relating to accident prevention schemes and road safety practices.
  • To promote investigation and research into road safety problems surrounding aspects of Road User Education and Training alongside vehicle occupant safety and the improvement of the road environment.
  • To present opinions and recommendations on matters related to road safety to appropriate government bodies and other agencies.